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Saturday 9.00am - 11.00am {1st & 3rd in the month}






We are encouraging our patients to give feedback at

We should like to thank you for taking the time to give your feedback and

we emphasise how your reviews will help improve service for others.

Comprehensive medical care for adults and children

New Patient?

Welcome to the practice.


New patients wishing to register will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, gender, social class, age, religion, sexual orientation or appearance, disability or mental condition.


If you would like to register please complete the GMS1 form which can be downloaded here & our confidential health questionnaire and bring them in with your medical card. Patients registering with this practice will be expected to provide proof of ID and use the blood pressure monitor in the waiting room. Once registered, new patients who are pregnant, have a chronic disease or are on routine medication should make an appointment with the appropriate health care professional.

Online Services


You can now book appointments or

order your repeat prescriptions online.



At Southborough Lane Surgery's new premises at Crown Medical Centre we are lucky to have a designated car park directly in front of the building.  Patients are entitled to park there for up to 90 minutes.


UKPC do patrol these bays so please be aware you may be given a £100 fine if you park for longer than 90 minutes.  It is not permissible to park anywhere else in Trinity Village whilst visiting the surgery.  Should our car park be full, there are plenty of bays on Crown Lane and surrounding streets at any time apart from between 12 and 2 pm when parking restrictions are in place by Bromley Council.  There is also a free of charge car park a short walk away on Crown Lane.   If you are in any doubt as to where to park when visiting the surgery, please ask for further information from Reception.

What the change means for you?

This move has long been awaited and is an opportunity to deliver 21st century medicine with our valued team. Our aim is to deliver a high quality caring service in partnership with our patients.

Out of area patients

New arrangements have been introduced from January 2015 for prospective patients who are currently out of area, or existing patients who may move out of the area. These patients will need to complete Out of Area Registration and Consent forms. Your application will then be considered by the Partners who will decide if it is clinically appropriate and practical for you to register with us or in the case of existing patients, for you to stay registered with us.


Please be aware that Dr Natalie Vowles will be retiring from the practice on 28th July 2016. We are obviously very sad to see her go but are sure you will join us in wishing her every success in her future plans.


We are also very happy to inform you that Dr Ajay George will be joining us as a salaried doctor from 8th August 2016. He will be a fantastic addition to our team and we extend him a very warm welcome.

Who's My Doctor?

All patients have an assigned GP although you can make an appointment with any GP at our Surgery should you so wish.  If you would like to  know your assigned GP, please ask at reception when you next attend the Practice.

Welcome to our brand new website

This website has been designed to tell you about the practice and the services that we offer. We trust that you will find it helpful and informative.